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Univ. PMAC-Lite unable to establish communication


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I have a Universal lite 602402-106 that has been in a box for 9 years, it looks brand new & I'm just trying to see if it is useable, but I cannot establish any communication with it.

I've tried it in an ISA slot,Ive tried a few different base addresses, & I tried it via serial & no joy.

The led's light up on power up , I have green pwr indicator & the yellow led, the red watchdog does not light up.

It has battery backed memory, I imagine the battery is dead by now, will that be a factor?

I've gone through the jumper settings & set all to defaults as per the manual.

Any suggestions?

I'm no expert with these, the only other one I have set up was a PC-104, & that was 7-8 years ago.

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