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Setup Linear motor - help required


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Dear All,

I'm facing issue in initial setup of a linear motor. I'm trying to run the "Turbo set-up" and "P2 setup". In both the software, I'm struck after the six step voltage issue. We are using a incremental encoder with 2.4 nm resolution and the electrical cycle of the motor is 60mm. While I try to provide the data Pole pitch= 60mm and the cts per unit as 41666, the computed resolution after the six-step test and the provided encoder input doesn't match. It says it varies largely. Can anyone suggest on this issue and help to sort it out. I'm not able to understand the six step voltage test. Any input to solve this is appreciated.




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We tried to do the commutation with 2.5nm and x1 encode and it was successful. But the sad part is, the resolution is 10nm instead of 2.5nm. We couldn't achieve successful 6Step voltage test for 2.5nm -x4. From the Servo IC m Channel n Encoder/Timer Decode Control - I7mn0 value, we need to get 2.5nm per count if we set I7mn0 - 1/5 and 0.625nm per count if we set I7mn0 - 3/7. So instead we achieve the above mentioned resolution. The above calculation (for a requirement of 1unit resolution, we just need buy only a 4 unit resolution encoder) was also mentioned by our local distributor. So kindly correct us with the understanding and also mention a way to solve this resolution issue as we are unable to set the required resolution. Our requirement is


Resolution: 1.2nm

Electrical cycle: 60mm

Turbo PMAC2


Kindly help us with setting up the axis with the required resolution. Thanks in advance.

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