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Collaboration between Ethernet and GPIO


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I am using Clipper .

I connected one of the I/O with an input of pulse . The tick is 1s. This tick is used for synchronization.

What I want the clipper do is :

every time Clipper receive the pulse,

Clipper output the current velocity and angle through ethernet port.


I think a PLC program can do this. But I do not find any function that can cope with this need.


Need you help!



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You would use the COMMANDP"..." with a PMAC variable that holds the data as the argument:



This command in a PLC will send the value of P99 to the Ethernet/USB port. This will appear to the host computer as an unsolicited response.



How about the delay in response when using CMD P99 in PLC program?

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The delay will be a few milliseconds. When the PLC executes the CMDP"" statement, it puts the text inside the quotes into the command queue. In between PLC programs, it checks the command queue and executes any commands it finds there.


Thanks. Take a look at this thread. http://forums.deltatau.com/showthread.php?tid=1359

Can you help me? What should I do if I want a delay of less than 100us?

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