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We've recently upgraded from version 1.3 of the Power PMAC Suite to In doing so we have hit a problem that didn't used to occur. We used to share our sources for projects between the various developers on a development PC. We would check out the sources for the project from a subversion repository to a given directory and whichever developer was working on the project at the time could access the project and its files.


This appears to not work under version 1.5. If developer 1 checks out to a directory, then developer 2 attempts to open the project then the IDE reports the error "The .ppproj project is too old for converstion, please upgrade your project manually, by creating a new project and transferring all your files to the new project.".


If developer 2 checks out to a separate directory then the project opens with no problems. It would appear to be an issue with access control.

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