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Encoder on ACC-24M2A


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I'm using an ACC-24M2A connected to a Power PMAC CPU (in UMAC rack) by MACRO RING.


I drive an external driver by PFM signals.


I have a stepper motor with incremental encoder (quadrature) on the ACC-24M2A.


When I look at the encoder feedback I find that it is different compared to the normal encoder resolution (exactly by a factor of 16).


With the same configuration on an ACC24E2S (in the UMAC), I have a good resolution.


I have checked my pinout. I think that it's a problem of configuration.


/* ###ACC24M2A encoder configuration### */


MI910 = 3 // x4 quadrature decode CW


/* ###ECT configuration### */


EncTable[9].Type = 3

EncTable[9].pEnc = Acc5E3[1].MacroInA[0][0].a

EncTable[9].pEnc1 = Sys.pushm

EncTable[9].ScaleFactor = 1/512

EncTable[9].index1 = 8

EncTable[9].index2 = 8

EncTable[9].index3 = 0

EncTable[9].index4 = 0


Somebody has any thoughts/solutions regarding this problem?





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You do not need this ECT. The hardware signal is processed locally on the Gate inside the ACC24M2A. It is passed via MACRO to the ACC5E3 (or ACC5E) you have in the PowerPmac rack. This means the data comes as a parallel register and uses a Type 1 ECT. Power Pmac will automatically make and ECT at $$$*** for each Macro servo node it finds. You only need to know which node the ACC24M2A is using and choose the already created ECT for your motor[].penc and .penc2 pointers.
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