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Power PMAC to Turbo PMAC Communications


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Hello fellow Power PMAC users! Not too long ago, I wrote a simple library that lets you communicate between a Power PMAC and one or more Turbo PMACs over Ethernet. I figured I would upload it here so other people can use it too!

(see attached Turboeth Project.zip)


This library can be used to:


  • Connect to one or more Turbo PMACs over Ethernet
  • Read variables from a Turbo PMAC into Power PMAC variables
  • Send variables from a Power PMAC to Turbo PMAC variables
  • Automatically reconnect if the connection is lost
  • Perform asynchronous GetResponse commands in addition to background polling

As shown in the example, connections to Turbo PMACs can be created by any background Capp. The Capp can setup which variables should be polled (read from Turbo), which variables should be cmds (sent to Turbo), and how often this happens (poll rate).


You can also monitor the status of the connection, and then take action if something bad happens.


A cool consequence of the way this library is setup is that it can be used to mirror variables. For example, you can set it up so P100 in the Power PMAC is updated with the value of P100 in the Turbo. Then, all of your script and motion programs on the Power PMAC can read from P100, but the value is really coming from the Turbo!


Feel free to modify or use this as you please, but as with any free software use at your own discretion. Good luck!

Turboeth Project.zip

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