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Saving & auto-starting background C app


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Did I miss something near the end of the User's Guide about this?

Or did I misunderstand an IDE menu item along these lines?

Now that we're basically satisfied with the functioning of our background C application, we want to burn it into our PPMAC so that it will run whenever powered up, without the IDE.


Please tell us how our production operators can run a PPMAC with this application without obliging them also to use the IDE.



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You can set each Background C App to start up automatically upon Power Up/Reset/Project Load process using the following steps:


1. In solution explorer window, right click on the desired C-App folder and select properties.




2. Under CPLC Startup option, select Yes for Run at startup setting.




3. Build and download the project to Power PMAC.


4. Issue a SAVE command in the terminal window.

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