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Only moving slave motor on Gantry following mode (Motor[x].ServoCtrl=8)


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Yes, we do have special control algorithms for Gantry Skew adjustment (in position), and gantry cross coupling (on the fly).


If the motor is a follower, then you should not be trying to move it independently. This is common practice.


Below, is an example code for executing an automatic skew adjustment. Motor #1 is leader, Motor #2 is follower.

If the gantry motors were initially aligned as best as mechanically possible (e.g. at home location). Then by setting up the following (e.g. in a simple PLC) motor #2 will align itself to motor #1 with respect to the original "good" alignment.


kill 1,2
Call Timer(0.050)

Motor[1].Ctrl = Sys.GantryXCtrl
Motor[1].ExtraMotors = 1

Motor[2].ServoCtrl = 8
Motor[2].CmdMotor = 1

Call Timer(0.050)

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