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Encoder memory registers


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I'm using Geo Brick GBL8-F3-582-14M and KEB servo motor with Heidenhain EnDat Singleturn ECN 1113/1313.

That said, X:$78B2F is Global control register ,X:$78B20 is Channel control register and Y:$78B20 is Data register (for motor 1, encoder input 1)

So when using this code:


M7500->X:$78B2F,0,24 ;global
M7501->X:$78B20,0,24 ;channel
M7505->Y:$78B20,0,24 ;data

open plc 1 clear
M7500=$020003 ; 1mhz, enDat
M7501=$38140D ; EnDat 2.2, 13 byte
I5111=500*8388608/I10 while(I5111>0) endwhile ;1/2 sec delay
Disable plc 1 ; Execute once on power-up or reset

I look at that M-variables(7500,7501,7505) in PEwin32 and they are 0, sometimes appear some Random number and then again 0.

Error flags in Y:$78B21 also 0.

When I made exactly the same PLC 0, it's all the same, except the $38140D appear randomly in some of M-Variables.

i5=3, so PLC's are working. Their result in that registers is overwritten somehow and erased.

So I'm asking some suggestions what's going on and what can I do to make it work?


Also: After Geo Brick reboot, it resets to defaults, like after $$$*** command. Is it watchdog or something?

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Can you post the full part number or serial number of the unit? As printed on the side inspection tag. This would confirm that the EnDat option is installed.


Another way to check if the option is present:


Read the global control register. What does it return?


If the option is installed. Then I would try command code $07 instead of $38. I have seen encoders work with one, and not the other. I have not dug into it much but there is some ambiguity as far as which one(s) work with which command code. But there are only 2 codes, as of now, so it should not be difficult to find out which one is the correct code.


Also, I would double check the wiring.


Otherwise, the M-Variable assignments should get retained (saved) with a SAVE command. The command codes (values) are not, and should be set 1 time on power-up or reset ($$$), that is per the example(s) in the manual.

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It's GBL8-F3-582-10M 00030, serial C000B7QD and C000B7QC (we bought two of them). I'll be very surprised if EnDat is not even installed. And I suppose only the quadrature encoder is the default one.




answer: 000000

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This option can be added to the unit as an RMA. Here is a link to the RMA request page on our WEB-site:



Your existing part number is: GBL8-F3-582-10M00030


To upgrade to 4 channels of EnDat 2.2 the new part-number to request in the RMA page:



To upgrade to 8 channels of EnDat 2.2 the new part-number to request in the RMA page:


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