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Software-readable serial number

Ben Adams

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Is there any way to save the serial number from a GEO Brick (or other Turbo PMAC2 device) in a way that is software readable? You can use the Configure USB2.0 tool to type in the serial number, but it doesn't appear to be retained anywhere. I'd really like to be able to get a customer's serial number from a backup of their system. Currently I have to have them read off the serial number from the sticker, which is always in a hard to view place (right up against the panel it's mounted to and on the side of the unit).


The Eth Ultralite has an Opt. 18A for "Electronic board Identification". Does that option give me the ability to read the serial number electronically?


Thanks - BJA

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The Option 18A electronic ID number chip provides a unique number for each different board, but that number is hard coded into the chip by the chip manufacturer, so it has no specific relationship to our board bar code serial number (other than each being unique). It has not been a popular option.


Saved setup variable I65 is a "do nothing" variable. One of the suggested purposes for this variable is to store a unique ID or serial number.

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