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serial communication problem


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Hello all,


I am using an ADVANTAGE 400 ([PMAC2]v1.17T) m/c for my project with a Maxon DC motor. I want to control the motor through Pewin32 pro. I have 2 issues :

1. While communicating with the Advantage 400 via rs232 cable, the terminal program of pewin is not returning typ, ver and date(showing error) screenshot is attached below. Is it really communicating with PMAC ?

2. Stepper motor connector(STP1) is not generating pwm signal.


Can anyone suggest anything on this issue and help to sort it out. Any input to solve this is appreciated.


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Hi steve


Thank you for your reply. My question is , if serial cable is not properly connected then how does Pewin's terminal know PMAC's type , version and date(Terminal Device #0[PMAC2]V1.17T 12/05/2002 SERIAL Port).

See attachment.

Previously when communication was not built properly it was showing [Terminal Device #0[PMAC1]N/A N/A SERIAL Port]


Thanks & regards



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Sorry for the late reply. I have tried with lower baudrates 19200 and 9600, but Pewin can not detect PMAC with these baudrates. Is it necessary to keep open ADV400 program in advantage 400 to work with pewin32 ? What should I do on ADVANTAGE 400 side to establish a communication with a lower baud rate?


Another problem is when i am entering 'typ' command on pewin32 terminal ADV400 on PMAC side is getting closed. What is the problem? Please help !

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Any WinCE software already communicating to the PMAC will cause loss of communication issues with the serial port. Either the serial port or the bus port is the active response port, where PMAC will send its responses to the commands. PMAC powers up/resets with the serial port as the active response port. However, any command received over the bus port makes the bus port the active response port (this happens immediately in most bus-host applications, so is transparent to the user). Further responses are returned to the bus port.


A subsequent command from the serial port does not automatically make the serial port the active response port again, so it is possible that PMAC will respond to a command over the serial port by sending data to the bus port. This will probably confuse both host computers. To make the serial port the active response port again, you must send a < CTRL-Z > character to PMAC.

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I have configured axis2 for Stepper from ADV400. Still its not giving any output. Is it any hardware problem?

I have also tried with analog output. I have used a MAXON DC motor with encoder and a MAXON servo amplifier with it. Motor was running in close loop. My question is how can I control the speed of the motor from pewin32. Please help!

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