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about pmac-macro system


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hello, for the system comprised of turbo pmac ultralite and macro, i find it is difficult to use some functions if i reading the manuals which are presented in the web. the variables working very well in the non-macro system, but for pmac-macro system, they are no longer in force.


is there a pdf about the detailed relationship between turbo pmac ultralite and macro? and tell the user if they developing the pmac-macro system, they should read this pdf first, let them know that some variables and functions are different from the non-macro pmac system, and tell them the right usage method.


hope for replying...


thank you.

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The best manual to start with would be:



Tell us what other MACRO hardware you have and we can point you to other documents.


Thank you very much!


The other MACRO hardwares are: MACRO 16-axis CPU, ACC-24E2A, ACC-28E, ACC-36E, ACC-11E.

The PMAC CPU is: TURBO PMAC PCI Ultralite.

The controlled devices are: DC brush motor, DC brushless motor(linear).

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