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Adv 900 with Brick controler not blending


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I am running a NC program. checking I5192 (CMR disable veriable) and M336 (CMR Bit) for every tool change. The bits stay I5192 = 0 and M336 = 1. Tool 4 does a complete circle, it is programed as 4 arcs all with the same center. Tools 5 & 6 are programed as 2 seperate arcs, with different center points. The machine stops between these arc moves when it should not. I checked I5183 it is set to 0 so there is no reason for it to stop blending.


at T4



N169 G2 X4.2 Y-2.1275 I-.7025 J0

N170 X3.4975 Y-1.425 I0 J.7025

Hesitation Very faint can not see but can feel in the part

N171 X4.2 Y-0.7225 I.7025 J0

N172 X4.9025 Y-1.425 I0 J-.7025



At T5


N219 G2 X5.1969 Y-1.425 I-.5601 J-.826

Blending stops here Visibly can see machine stop

N220 X4.7601 Y-2.205 I-.9969 J.046


I have attached the NC program that I am tring to run.


Thanks for any help. we would really like to solve this issue and put this project to bed.










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