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GetMotorVel() - motorUnits/ms, not servo period?


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The documentation for GetMotorVel() included with the 8/19/2013, 1.5.021 IDE states that the returned velocity is 0.0625 * Motor[mtr].FltrVel units.

(note that 0.0625 is 1/16)


The Power PMAC Software Reference Manual, August 10, 2012 states that

Motor[x].FltrVel returns 'Motor units per 16 servo interrupt periods'.


Therefore, GetMotorVel() returns Motor Units/servo interrupt period.


When I actually use GetMotorVel(), it appears to return

Motor Units/ms, NOT Motor Units/servo interrupt period.


Please correct the documentation.


Is GetMotorVel() documented outside the IDE's online help?

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