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Can we use Pmac with SSCNET III/H servo Drives


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we are using presently Geobrick with Turbo Pmac, we now want use Brick controller with Power Pmac, will Pmac work with following drives which has SSCNET III/H


The motor we have selected will work with only MRJ4 drives. MRJ4 drives will work with SSCNET III/H which is high speed communication (150 mbps) as compare to SSCNET III(50 mbps).


However MRJ3 drives support only up to 15 mbps speed.



With SSCNET III/H, we can update position command in the drive in 0.22 ms. Also MRJ4 drive is with versatile features for tuning and adaptive vibration suppression features.


With 22 bit encoder, we can use only MRJ4 drive. Please share any information is any one using with SSCNET III/H


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