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Geo Brick LV Setup Assistant Spreadsheet


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Geo Brick LV Setup Assistant Spreadsheet is updated to version 2.9 with following changes:


The spreadsheet supports parameter settings for Stepper motors with real feedback (such as Quadrature). These Stepper motors are setup as "high count pole-pair brushless motors".


If Encoder Type for any motor type is selected as Microstepping, then Step Angle and Max RPM values are used for Microstepping calculations, regardless of type of motor.


If any Encoder Type other than Microstepping is selected, both servo and commutation will use the selected encoder type and no Microstepping commutation method is used.


Download Link: http://forums.deltatau.com/filedepot/download.php?f=Turbo%20PMAC/Tools/Geo%20Brick%20LV/Geo%20Brick%20LV%20Setup%20Assistant%202.9.xls [FILE REMOVED]

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