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Controlling DAC A and B over MACRO


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We currently have a macro station set up with ACC24E2A cards to drive several motors, each using the DACA+ output for the command voltage. We’d like to, if possible, independently drive an LED using the DACB+ output. Is this possible over Macro? How would we do that? We tried it on a local ACC24E2A card using the Setup window and confirmed that we can control A and B independently, so we’re hoping it is the case for Macro as well.


On a related note, we were thinking we could use the Acc5E.Macro[j][3] to issue commands to a specific axis, and use .Macro[j][0] and .Macro[j][1] to write the values to command the output for DACA and DACB respectively (as shown in the Power PMAC MACRO User Manual from 21 Dec 2012 on page 19). One area where we run into trouble doing this on our own is with the Macro Documentation for the PPMAC structures – where can I find detailed information for the contents of the Gate2.Macro[j][k] registers for both input and output?

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You can use DACB+ by writing to Acc5E.Macro[j][1].a. For instance, make the assignment M1->Acc5E.Macro[j][1], then issue


M1=16384*256 // multiply 256 to shift up by 8 bits


and you should get 10V on DACB+.



Detailed information on Gate2.Macro[j][k] can be found in the 16 AXIS MACRO CPU USER and SRM manuals by looking at the Turbo counterparts. Gate2.Macro[j][k] corresponds to Turbo X/Y:$7xxxx addresses. For instance:


Gate2[0]Macro[0][0] is Y:$78420,0,24

Gate2[0]Macro[0][1] is Y:$78421,8,16

Gate2[0]Macro[0][2] is Y:$78422,8,16

Gate2[0]Macro[0][3] is Y:$78423,8,16

Gate2[0]Macro[1][0] is Y:$78424,0,24


All the Turbo PMAC2 MACRO Node registers addresses are listed in the memory and I/O map section of the Turbo SRM under Turbo PMAC2 MACRO Node Registers.

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