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Is reading one register and a set of registers, from a host, an atomic operation?


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I am working on a host application where I have to read a set of register from the PMAC.


My questions are:

1. Is reading/writing a single register from the host atomic in the PMAC?

Or is it possible that a register is half-written when it's read?


2. Is reading a set of registers from the host atomic? for example:

RL$004000 5


Or is it possible that a PLC/Motion program in between reads/writes any of the individual registers addressed?


EDIT: This is done over TCP with ASCII communication.



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Single operations to access a full 24-bit or 48-bit register are atomic in PMAC, so there is no concern that it could be interrupted in the middle and get a partially changed value.


However, accesses to multiple registers as in your command are not atomic, so you would need to create a mechanism yourself to ensure a coherent set of data. Our DPRAM data exchange functions do provide mechanisms of this type.

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