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How to obtain acknowledgement of simple write to variable using gpascii


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For simple writes to user variables using gpascii, I don’t see any “native” way to get an acknowledgement from the PPMAC that it received the communication and understood it. If it doesn’t understand the command then I do get an error message, but I don’t see a native way to get a positive response.


IE; if I send command “DistX=100” I get no acknowledgement from the PPMAC that it's even out there.

I don’t see any way to “turn on” such a response. I’ve used the echo command for other responses but it does not address this issue.


I did demonstrate that sending the command “DistX=100 DistX” does work as expected and the PPMAC returns either “100” or “DistX=100” depending on the echo settings.


How do others accomplish this? Have I overlooked something that will turn on an automatic response or acknowledgement of “DistX=100”?


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