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Issues with new IDE


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We are running into an issue with the new IDE, where after a few minutes the connection to the PPMAC is lost.


I have attached a picture of the issue that we are facing including the TaskManager.


It is important to note that this issue was not present on the previous version of the IDE and the only change that was made was updating to the latest IDE.


We also have a development PPMAC which we use where the processor is loaded less and the issue has not been encountered.



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For example, a customer who was experiencing your issue changed to the following switch product and no longer experienced the issue:


ProCurve Switch 1800-8G (J9029A) by HP


Some switches periodically shut off to save power, and some others block certain communication. These sometimes cause Power PMAC to lose communication with the host. I recommend a simple, low-feature-set switch like the one listed above.

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