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Motor[x].pEncLoss not being set in configuration file


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Using Delta Tau > Configure > Setup Variables, no matter what I set the value of "Motor[1].pEncLoss" to, when I save it and then reopen it, it comes back as "EncTable[0].a". Matter of fact, all .pEncLoss values for all motors in this table are set to "EncTable[0].a".


Furthermore, if I open the saved configuration file, there are no entries for Motor[x].pEncLoss for any motors. This doesn't seem good.

M. Shaver


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By default Motor[x].pEncLoss is set to zero. You should set it according to the "Power PMAC Software Reference Manual" for the hardware that you have. If this is a Gate3 accessory for motor 1 this would be:

Motor[1].pEncLoss = Gate3[0].Chan[0].Status.a

Motor[1].EncLossBit = 28

Motor[1].EncLossLevel = 1


You can place this in a "Configuration" file or through the terminal window. The "Setup Variable" window may not allow changes in this.

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