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A strange value for the servo cycle counter when gathered


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While gathering the servocycle counter value in the DPR over a period of five days with a gathering interval of 10, I got one occurrence of:







The bold value is 10010 larger than the previous value instead of 10 larger. What on earth could be the cause of this?

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It's a custom program I wrote. The PMAC isn't doing anything except gathering (no motors are being commanded etc.), would there still be observable issues?

10000 servo cycles lost corresponds to about 4.5 secs, and I have a timer firing every 250 ms to empty the DPR. So either windows was severely hung, or something else is wrong.

It's a bit surprising that the missing data is 10010 and not e.g. 1090 or 440 or some other "more" random.

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