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Am I right in concluding the UMAC flag:


Bit 17 Move Timer Active


has been removed from the motor status x-word? Our Windows software used to show a nice graphical LED for each motor when active. It seems to just be for a coordinate system now.


Any chance of using a spare bit and putting this back? I feel like I have asked this before so apologies if this is a repeat question...

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This is good news. I don't see it in:


Motor[x].Status[0] is the first 32-bit status word for the motor

31 TriggerMove

30 HomeInProgress

29 MinusLimit

28 PlusLimit

27 FeWarn

26 FeFatal

25 LimitStop

24 AmpFault

23 SoftMinusLimit

22 SoftPlusLimit

21 I2tFault

20 TriggerNotFound

19 AmpWarn

18 EncLoss

16 – 17 (Reserved for future use)

15 HomeComplete

14 DesVelZero

13 ClosedLoop

12 AmpEna

11 InPos

10 (Reserved for future use)

9 BlockRequest

8 PhaseFound

7 TriggerSpeedSel

6 GantryHomed

5 SpindleMotor(bit 1)

4 SpindleMotor(bit 0)

0 – 3 (Reserved for future use)


Motor[x].Status[1] is the second 32-bit status word for the motor

31 Csolve

30 SoftLimit

29 DacLimit

28 BlDir

0 – 27 (Reserved)


Where do you see it?

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