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Redirect pointers programmatically?


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Can I change what a pointer points to on the fly in a script program? For example, I have some code that is manipulating status bits in a series of 32 bit shared memory words that a client computer will read. It would be great if I could change what some pointers point to on the fly so I could easily index through the various status words. Couldn't figure out how to change what they point to on the fly.

For example, in global declarations, I have the following:

M4000->u.user:$0; //Used by GetAxisStatus(0), ALL Motors

M4001->u.user:$4; //Will contain status for Motor 1

M4002->u.user:$8; //Will contain status for Motor 2



ptr mBit0->u.user:$14.0.1;

ptr mBit1->u.user:$14.1.1;

Etc, etc.

And I would have liked to re-aim the pointers programmatically.

The power point training on Shared Memory says I can do the following;


which would imply I can change the pointer. PPMAC IDE would not accept this code anywhere. No program would accept the pointer declaration. Global declarations will not accept the L10.

Must be missing something.



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I do the following in script:


cmd "R1AmpFault->u.io:$618020.23.1";		// Gate1[16].Chan[0]


I assume you could do it with Command("") in c-code but I never have. Also to use your L0 I guess you would have to format the string first.


I would also combine this with sendallcmds and Ldata.CmdStatus as shown in some examples. And beware there is some delay between sending a command to the ascii processor and it being reacted to (i.e. reassign pointers and then have a delay as necessary)


This may not be the best way to do it but it is the way I have plumped for.

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If I place M100->Sys.Fdata[L10]; in global definitions.pmh, the IDE underlines L10, and if I hover over the red underline, I get the following message;


"syntax error, unexpected PMAC_LVARIABLE, expecting NUMBER or IDENTIFIER"


I've not tried to download. Not much point if the IDE isn't happy. Is this firmware dependent?

IDE is

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