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Compile in Release, usralgo.ko in Debug?


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I have a bunch of C-language "Realtime Routines" code. Using the DT IDE to build in Debug configuration, I end up with two files in Bin/Debug: usralgo.so and usralgo.ko.


When I build in Release mode, I end up with Bin/Release/usralgo.so, but the ko file is still written to Bin/Debug.


I guess this is because the generated Makefile is buggy; it contains:

       cp -f /opt/eldk-4.2/debian_rootfs/opt/ppmac/usralgo/usralgomain.c $(PWD)
       $(MAKE) -C $(KSRC) SUBDIRS=$(PWD) modules
       mv -f usralgo.ko ../../bin/Debug/


So my question is: can I go ahead and use this ko file, or is the build process buggy in additional ways that make this dangerous?

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