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Filtered Encoder position register address


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Does anyone know the address of the filtered encoder position register?


For example


EncTable[x].pEnc point to Acc5E3[0].MacroIn[0].a


However if we apply a first order low pass filter to this register i.e.


EncTable[x].index1 = 0

EncTable[x].index2 = 250


Where is the filtered result stored? And what is the structure of this register.


I ask this question as our

Motor[x].pPhaseEnc = Acc5E3[0].MacroIn[0].a


Hence I believe the commutation is using a non filtered version of the resolver feedback


Ideally I would like

Motor[x].pPhaseEnc = FilteredValueofRotorPosition.a



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You would set Motor[x].pPhaseEnc = EncTable[n].PrevEnc.a. Keep in mind the ECT is processed at the servo rate and not the phase rate. I don't think this will be a problem as the error would usually be too small to cause any noticeable phasing issues. The "Power PMAC Users Manual" has a good description of all the ECT registers and their "structure" in the section "SETTING UP THE ENCODER CONVERSION TABLE" starting on page 142.
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Thanks Steve.


Since my last post I have written my own user phase routine and implemented a low pass filter to filter the phase position at the phase frequency as I was concern with using a signal which is created at a slower rate than the frequency of control.

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