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More problems with pointers


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I started a thread a while back having to do with redirecting pointers programmatically and cited an example from the power point training slides.

In global definitions;



I said this throws an error. Delta Tau insiders said this would download. I finally got back around to this. This will not compile or download. I have IDE version



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It will download. The error happens when you must build. I thought this was fixed at one point but I have the newest firmware and IDE and it is not working again.


To work around this you can comment that line and do the build. Then uncomment and do the download all files.

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In my case,


ptr PointerTest->Sys.Fdata[L0]

Above code does not work and got an error when build and download.


But below does work correctly without any error messages.

ptr PointerTest->*


Is there anyone who could explain differences between two codes ?

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