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Position Capture over MACRO


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My system has a PEL3-G11-001-1A00000 Power PMAC Etherlite, Firmware Version

It is controlling (3) Yaskawa SigmaV's with ACC-85M's. All three motors have the Yaskawa 20-bit ABSOLUTE encoders. Motors #1 & #2 are being read as Absolute, motor #3 is being used as an Incremental, and after installing the above newest firmware, Power Pmac reads the absolutes properly over the MACRO. By the way, we will not be Homing any of the motors in the traditional sense.


One of the requirements of the system is to be able to capture position of all three motors simultaneously, triggered by an external event, while in motion and without stopping.


I have wired an isolation relay's output to each of the three ACC-85M J2 Home inputs to act as the trigger for this capture, and monitoring bit 10 of each motor's MI983 shows that the inputs are working.


I have tried setting the capture up according to pages 14 & 15 in the ACC-85M User Manual, but none of the examples seems to match up with what I am trying to do.


How should I set up for such an on-the-fly position capture?

And once set up properly, will I be reading the captured positions in Gate3[0].Chan[0,1,2].HomeCapt ?


thanks much

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