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About setting user absolute zero position for SSI feedback!


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I got a question for ACC-24E3 of PPMAC. The motor used is AKM(made by kollmorgen), drived by S700, provided with an multi-turn absolute sinusoidal encoder. Now I want to use the synchronous serial absolute-encoder emulation from its SSI interface(X5) as the position feedback for 24E3.


Now I need to set a user-defined absolute zero position for the motor instead of using the original absolute zero position provided by SSI interface. I wonder if it is accessable for Power PMAC. How to do it (Homing Offset)?


Thank you!



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Usually, when people refer to emulated data it is quadrature, which cannot be read absolutely.


So, I am not sure if you actually have SSI data wired into the ACC-24E3. But if you do, yes you can set up:





Motor[].HomeOffset in the traditional manner


Then issue a HOMEZ on power up or configure Motor[].PowerOnMode to read it automatically (make sure the encoder power is supplied when the PMAC comes up).

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Thanks for your reply.


I check the S700 drive manual. S700 drive can supply users with "synchronous serial absolute-encoder emulation by its SSI interface (X5, which is a D-sub 9-pin connector)".


Five pins may be essential for the encoder wiring because the power supply of encoder emulation is provided by S700 itself. Shall I have to connect the encoder power supply?

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