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Can I use this to solve the (I would guess common) problem of supplying an upgrade to a customer?


I set it to 1 in my first pmh file. I build and download my project to my development rack (encrypted or not). I do a typical backup. I extract the usrflash folder into a PowerPMAC folder on a USB stick.


I boot a customer rack (different accessories) with the USB stick in.


I launch the IDE to check and see Default, HWChangeError, NoClocks, PwrOnFault lit. It has not worked. I can use the USB stick on the original rack no problem.


Is this the wrong method?



I really need to supply customers with a package which upgrades firmware and project code, using the encryption option so they never have access to the original code. I don't want them to need the IDE.

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Sys.SimConfigOk=1 permits you to download your (full) configuration file into a system with reduced or eliminated interface hardware and not get an error. However, the setup variables you send to non-existent hardware go off to "never-never land", so they will not be in a backup file.


So to use this strategy, you would need to create your "golden" backup file on a "maximalist" system. It could then be used on any reduced system.

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Thanks for the reply.


Setup variables disappearing are not an issue for us, we do not rely on the saved cfg files but set all hardware up in plc only talking to cards which are fitted to the particular rack and only using pointers to addresses rather than structures. We know the particular rack that the code is currently running on from a stored ID number on the card.


I still could not get this to work building on a rack containing a superset of the destination rack.


In any case a maximalist rack is not feasible. We have 25 machines with 3 heavily populated 18 slot racks each. To make a maximalist rack would need circa 30 slots (if card base addresses don't matter), and you would have to allow more gate 1 addresses as one system has 8 x Acc24E2S cards, another has 6 Acc24E2A cards and these cannot coexist etc...


Please can you help me think of another approach?


In the short term I am going to have to have an engineer visit the site in Japan with code and IDE and download manually (we simply cannot give the raw code to customers or reasonably expect them to use the IDE).

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Was a solution ever found? Facing the same challenge as daves, we don't have the hardware to recreate a 25+ card setup just to be able to be to able to download some code. I've tried Sys.SimConfigOk = 1 in a .pmh file and also put it in pp_disable.txt as suggested in the reference manual, but so far not hard any luck when either adding or removing hardware.
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