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Format of {list}


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Is it only possible to have literals in {list} ?


Is it to be expected that I cannot have the following in script:


#define MAXMOTOR1 27
#define MAXMOTOR 28

kill 1..MAXMOTOR-1;
kill 1..MAXMOTOR1;
kill 1..Sys.MaxMotors-1;
kill 1..L0;


I have to do


kill 1..27;


and if I change the numbering of the motors I have to remember to find and change this code?


I couldn't find the formal specification for {list} {constant} etc...

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In the Command Syntax Summary, "list" is defined as a set of integer constants, which means literal numeric integer values.


Apologies, that explains everything very well. Another example of me searching the manuals for the wrong phrases and giving up too soon.


However don't you think a #define is equivalent to a constant in one of those cases? Or are #defines implemented differently to a substitution in script? Maybe it is simply a parsing error on a valid command, I would really like to be able to do this.

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The "#define" text substitutions do work in this context, with a couple of provisos:


1. The #define is done in the project manager

2. The substitution is for an integer constant


So I defined in my globaldefinitions.pmh:


#define MyMaxMotor 27


Then I could do in a program:


kill 1..MyMaxMotor


I could not do:


kill 1..MyMaxMotor-1

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Trying this as you describe in a new project it fails to download with


C:\Users\daves.ABD\Documents\PowerPmacSuite\PowerPmac11\PowerPmac11\PMAC Script Language\Motion Programs\prog1.pmc(7,1) : Error : ( error #31) invalid code : kill 1..MyMaxMotor


PS not sure what you meant by "project manager" but I followed the subsequent description.



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Ahh, I see. In that syntax, the project manager needs a space before the defined name to recognize it as a separate entity to substitute for. So


kill 1 .. MyMaxMotor


will work, but


kill 1..MyMaxMotor


will not.


Interestingly, if you do this from the terminal command line after downloading the project,


cx kill 1..MyMaxMotor


is accepted as legal syntax and works. I'm not sure why the difference.

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Great, thanks for figuring it out, this works for me!


Looks like a parser error protecting structure elements being substituted out maybe? Anyway, I would probably suggest entering a bug report to fix it as there is no real reason for it to be this way.

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