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Matlab/Simulink interface & Background programs


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Hello everyone,


I would like to use the Matlab/Simulink interface in order to generates background programs. Is it feasible?


According to the latest documentation I have found on FileDepot (Code generation using Real-time Workshop Embedded Coder for Power PMAC, Rev. 3_0_2009_10_08), it seems that only user servo routines can be built.


I have tried with simple Simulink schemes, but the generated .c file is oriented user servo routine. The main code is contained in


double interfacePPMAC_user_servo(struct MotorData *Mptr){




As a consequence, I cannot compile it as a capp...


Is there any solution?


Thank you in advance for your replies!


EDIT : Note that I can do it by manipulating the generated .c file, but I would like to know if this can directly be done from MATLAB.

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We have not automated the process of code generation for capp background programs, but as you said it could be easily done by deleting the function header file and adding the proper new headers, in other words manipulating the generated codes. Let us know if you need help learning how to do that.


Also look into the new IDE manual that can be found in this forum, in FileDepot, under the Power PMAC section under the title of "Power PMAC IDE". It includes the latest documentation for C code generation using Delta Tau's MATLAB/Simulink interface. The latest interface to install on MATLAB is shipped with the latest Power PMAC Suite IDE installation folder.

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