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I am trying to setup a cascaded servo loop.


I have my outer loop output an

"emulated" target encoder pointing to &Mptr->PrevPhaseLoadEnc. However the setup variable for the EncTable[x].pEnc will not allow me to assign the address e.g.


EncTable[5].pEnc = Motor[5].PrevPhaseLoadEnc.a

stdin:90:19: error #70: Struct Write Data Error: EncTable[5].pEnc = Motor[5].PrevPhaseLoadEnc.a


Can you please suggest a list of allowed register addresses that can be written to and allocated to the EncTable.pEnc




Can you please tell me if there is a file with allowed script/setup variable commands which can be edited


Thank you

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You have several options here.


1. You can set the outer-loop Motor[x].pDac to Sys.Idata.a to write to a 32-bit integer in the user shared memory buffer. The conversion table can then pick this up with a single-register read using EncTable[n].type=1 and EncTable[n].pEnc=Sys.Idata.a.


2. Without caring where the outer loop writes its servo output, you can have the ECT pick it up directly from the (floating-point) holding register using EncTable[n].type=11 and EncTable[n].pEnc=Motor[x].IqCmd.a.


The latest User's Manual has an expanded section on the setup of cascaded servo loops.

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