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Geo Brick LV ADC Status Word Register


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I want to be able to detect the conditions listed in the Geo Brick LV User Manual, Page 251. Specifically, "Bus Under-Voltage Warning", "Over-Temperature (> 70C)", etc.


However, I am unable to find the location of the register holding the values described. The manual lists the register name as "ADC A Status Word". I have searched for "status word" as well as many other things throughout the Geo Brick LV User Manual, the Turbo PMAC User Manual, and the Turbo PMAC Software Reference Manual, all without finding anything even resembling this register.


Please help me find this register.

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Thanks for bringing up this missing information from the Geo Brick LV manual. We will update the documentation to have this information available.

The following table shows the addresses for ADCA and ADCB registers, which include the Phase A and B measured current data in the upper 14-bits and any status bits in bit 6 through 9.


Chan     ADC_A     ADC_B
-----    --------- ---------
1        Y:$78005  Y:$78006
2        Y:$7800D  Y:$7800E
3        Y:$78015  Y:$78016
4        Y:$7801D  Y:$7801E
5        Y:$78105  Y:$78106
6        Y:$7810D  Y:$7810E
7        Y:$78115  Y:$78116
8        Y:$7811D  Y:$7811E

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