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GetResponse function blocks in LabView 2011 64 bits


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I have a problem with GetResponse function, which I am using to acquire motor positions.


I have installed PMAC EXECUTIVE PRO2 SUITE, and use Interop.PCOMMSERVERLib.dll to develop an application in LabView (version 2011 64 bits, running on Windows 7 64 bits Professional Edition). I have the according PCommServer.exe running as process in Windows (I can see it in Task Manager).


One module of the application is dedicated to report the motor positions every 10 milliseconds to the user. In this module I use GetResponse function in LabView to which as an input I provide (See the attached print-screen of the LabView block-diagram). As a response I get the position of the first eight motors.


As I said the module is executed every 10 milliseconds, and thus the call to the function GetResponse.


For quite some hours this works fine, but than, rather randomly, the module gets stuck, and I stop receiving any response from GetResponse.


If I go to PeWin32Pro2, while my LabView module is stuck, I can communicate with PMAC, and execute commands. I can see that the motors position evolving in Position window.


Any ideas how to solve this issue?


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