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Why Gate3 CaptCtrl changed?


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I got caught out (by not checking the user guide ;) setting CaptCtrl on a Gate3 card.


I have a product which is Gate1 on some configurations and, now, Gate3 on others. I had code setting CaptCtrl=3 index high, flag high and foolishly left this in for the new configuration.


Of course, this is now index low, flag low.




Please can I have a cheat sheet of Gate1/Gate3 parameters with the same name which have altered values? Are there any dangerous ones I should look out for?

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Since DSPGate3 has a 32-bit architecture compared with DSPGate1/DspGate2 which have 24-bit architecture, it is necessary to check the software reference manual for all of the elements. The elements which SIMILAR names have SIMILAR functionality, but usually the settings are different and one should use caution when converting settings from DSPGate1/DSPGate2 to DSPGate3 as you had mentioned earlier.

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