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Help with setup and addressing of ACC-65E


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I need help with basic setup and addressing of an ACC-65E.

I have a PPMAC with a ACC-24E2A in the first (non-CPU) slot and an ACC-65E in the second slot.

From reading the ACC-65E User Manual, here's what I think I am supposed to do.

>> Since this is the first ACC-65E in the rack, I think I am supposed to set ALL SW1 switches to ON. Is this correct? Please recalibrate me if not.


>> To access the intputs and outputs, I declare pointers such as;

PTR Input1->ACC65E[0].DataReg[0].0.1;

PTR Input2->ACC65E[0].DataReg[0].1.1;



PTR Output1->ACC65E[0].DataReg[3].0.1;

PTR Output2->ACC65E[0].DataReg[3].1.1;


Must I do anything else or is this it?




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