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My project is coming from pre FW1.6.1.1 IDE1.7.x.x. The IDE manual says to add pp_custom_save.cfg to my configuration folder I select Download Config Files.


This generates the tpl file but not the cfg file. A new project has the cfg file. Do I have a properly structured project?


I also have pp_save.cfg in the tree (has always been there) but not it's tpl file, this has always been the case and meant using the tpl was a disjointed affair outside the IDE (and the cfg in the PC project is not the PPMAC one until you upload, correct?). This file is not described in the PDF.


I am a little confused about the purpose of and difference between the custom file and the original file. Could you clarify? (I understand their function, just not how they are intended to be used)




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