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I read with great interest post




as we were almost doing this but found it too difficult using UMACs to download MACROPLCCs. I have been waiting for MACRO integration...


1) It says you need firmware Is this available? I have IDE1.7.0.53 FW1.6.1.1


2) Is the Add Macro Project feature documented, I can't see it in the IDE manual, but it is in my IDE


3) Should I be moving all my existing CMD code? like the following or are there limitations?


cmd "MS0,I108=%d", $000018;


4) I can only do this if it supports logic and expressions. Does it?:


local lAFL;
lUAF = $FF;
if (GlobalVar = 1)
	cmd "MacroSlave0, I17 = %d", lUAF;


5) I find I have to do some setup variables (like node enable, transfers), followed by MSSAVE and then MS$$$ to take effect, and some vars don't

survive a $$$ so need to be set up after (MI198=$408807; MI199=$7"; to set up control words). Does this fit into this mechanism?


6) What is the Timer() call it looks useful? I get:


Error : ( Preprocessing Error) SubProgram not found : on string ("call Timer(0.001) ")


Hovering in IDE says "New firmware command".



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1. I am pretty sure it works with FW This was added a while back. I mistakenly referred to my development version. We can send you a copy if the release does not work for you.


2. It is not fully documented yet. The default template which loads in it is pretty descriptive.


3. You can move your code, sure. But without the MS0. Remember the parameters in the file are sent in ASCII mode. E.g. MI108 = $18.


4. You can use #define, #ifdef etc..

These are documented in a PDF file called "Power PMAC Enhanced Script Language Programming" typically located here:


C:\Program Files (x86)\Delta Tau Data Systems Inc\2.0\Power PMAC Suite\PowerPMACProjectExamples\Program Development\Program Development\Documentation


You cannot access global parameters or elements defined in the Power PMAC. Again, this is talking directly to the station. and a one shot download. You can use the PLCC (if you have a MACRO16 CPU) to perform some handshaking logic from the Power PMAC side using for example MP variables.


5. No, these are not saved and must be set from a PLC or online using the CMD syntax.


6. Timer is a standard suprogram which we commonly use for inserting delay timers in PLCs. It is in milliseconds. You can add it in a file under the libraries folder:

OPEN SUBPROG Timer(time)
LOCAL EndTime;
EndTime = Sys.Time + time
WHILE(EndTime > Sys.Time){}


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Thanks for the full and detailed reply Richard. I hadn't quite grasped it is just an IDE one-shot setup and not part of the 'runtime'.


I don't think it is that useful to me then as I have one project for multiple rig configurations. The serial number is read from the file system on power up and the MACRO configured accordingly (different for each rig). I will have to keep CMD"".


It will be useful if we go back to having a MACROPLCC.

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