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CPU card will not mount USB device


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I have one CPU card which mounts a USB stick no problem. The one in my DT "4-axis demo" rack just will not mount the same stick.


How can I fix this?


Helpful info:


Working system has


root@ ls

audisk cdrom disk disk-1 disk-3 disk-5 disk-7

audisk-1 cdrom0 disk-0 disk-2 disk-4 disk-6 shared


Non-working media folder is empty


I looked at the RS232 output and both gave detection logging on plug/unplug the only difference was working system said "sdb: sdb1", non-working said "sde: sde1"

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Thanks Charles, I got chance to try this.


It is the exact same stick.


The instructions did not really work (it mentions /mnt, /media/disk, and /media/disk/mnt as the same, maybe their are some symbolic links I don't understand)


However, I did get sdc1 to manually mount in /mnt and see its files there.


The demo rack file system does not match the card that works (as described previously), the automatic mounting does not work, as a result the IP recovery and project update etc from USB stick do not function.


How can I repair the linux system on this (DT-supplied) card? Why is it not right?



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I doubt that the Linux was damaged on the other card, but could you possibly send me the output that is shown when you log into PMAC through TelNet for each PMAC? This will tell me the Linux kernel version between the two CPU cards. Can you please also tell me the firmware version of each CPU card. Lastly, can you please tell me the make and model of your USB flash drive?

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I've had the exact same problem with our 4-axis demo box. There hasn't been a pressing need to fix it, so I've left it alone, but I've definitely had issues mounting USB drives in addition to problems changing the IP address settings for Eth0 and Eth1. I've successfully mounted USB drives and changed network interfaces settings many times on many different machines using the same flash drive.


I also tried updating the firmware to, but it didn't help.


EDIT: here's the response I originally got from smilici:

"Does your Power PMAC have the Video option? These will have a blank “media” folder"

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