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Endat 2.2 absolute reading


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[sOLVED: it seems that the Motor[].AbsPosSf was not saved after I set it on the terminal but not on the config file].



Hi All

I have a problem detecting the absolute multiturn value at power on.

The setup is the following:


- power brick LV,


- Endat 2.2 encoder multiturn: 23 bit/revolution + 12 bit absolute rev, for a total of 35 data bits


I followed the instructions on Power Brick LV User Manual (May 28/2014), pag 40, but I still cannot get the multiturn position (my encoder differs from the one on the example only on the 23 bit/revolution instead of the 25 in the example).

At power on, I get the absolute position on the single turn, but I loose the information on what multiturn I am on.

Moreover, when I issue a #n hmz, the reading of hte encoder is set to 0.000, not the absolute value (that anyway is acquired with a reset).


Do you have any idea? Is the manual wrong?





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With PPmac the boot sequence is first to load the "saved" data and then to load the "saved" project files. Therefore setting any data structure inside the project files will override what you save. This means your project can contan all needed data to load to a PPmac and make it work as desired without also having to find what is inside the "saved" data file.
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