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Read in variable vlues from a file?


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I'm using a DT to automate some lab tests right now (just using it as data collection and DAC), and I was hoping to be able to read a test matrix from a file so that I can change my test parameters without changing the code. Is there a way to read in a text file and parse it so that it can be comprehended by our PMAC?
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Sure, you can read any file loaded on Power PMAC through C easily using the standard fopen() function. See any of the following two posts for more details:


FSAVE on PPMAC (allows you to save certain chunks of memory to built-in flash memory whenever you want):




or accessing USB/SD cards through PPMAC (discusses saving to and accessing from plugged-in flash memory through USB/SD):




Please let me know if you have additional questions after reading these documents.


(second post)

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