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Read/write value of memory address directly from Pcommserver


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Is it possible to read/write the value of an address directly through the Pcommserver.exe?


Now, I have a C# program where I am doing something like


string plcDisabledBitAddress = "Y:$0031" + plc + ",22";
pmacDevice.GetResponseEx(0, "m8008->" + plcDisabledBitAddress, false, out answer, out status);
pmacDevice.GetResponseEx(0, "m8008", false, out response, out status);
return response == "0";


which is not optimal for a number of reasons, mainly because m8008 could be used by the user without my program knowing.

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Yes, use the RY or RX commands in a string in a GetResponse command to read and W{Address} to write. See the entry on page 403 of the Turbo Software Reference Manual. Here's the excerpt pasted roughly:



Function: Write values to a specified address(es).

Scope: Global

Syntax: W{address},{value} [,{value}...]


 {address} consists of a letter X, Y, or L; an option colon (:); and an integer value from , $000000

to $FFFFFF (0 to 16,777,215); specifying the starting Turbo PMAC memory or I/O address to be


 {constant} is an integer, specified in decimal or hexadecimal, specifying the value to be written

to the specified address;

 further {constants} specify integer values to be written into subsequent consecutive higher


This command causes Turbo PMAC to write the specified {constant} value to the specified memory

word address, or if a series of {constant} values is specified, to write them to consecutive memory

locations starting at the specified address (it is essentially a memory POKE command). The command

can specify either short (24-bit) words in Turbo PMAC’s X-memory, short (24-bit) words in Turbo

PMAC's Y-memory, or long (48-bit) words covering both X and Y memory (X-word more significant).

This choice is controlled by the use of the X, Y, or L address prefix in the command, respectively.


WY:$078002,4194304 ; This should put 5V on DAC2

; (provided I200=0 so servo does not overwrite)


; This writes the first four entries to the

; encoder conversion table

See Also:

On-line command R[H]{address}

Memory and I/O Map

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