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correct prototype for user algo?


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I have a confusion over the correct prototype declaration for a user algo. My function "preProcessFeedback" is running as a "User Servo" for motor 0. It doesn't need to write to a DAC and in fact it's not doing an real motor calculations. I'm running it in the phase cycle with Motor[0].PhaseCtrl = 8, so that it can ruin before the ECT is processed.


Originally my prototype for this function was:


void preProcessFeedback(struct MotorData *Mptr);



A colleague suggested that it should really be:


double preProcessFeedback(struct MotorData *Mptr);



With the latter declaration I added a "return 0" in the function.

It seems that in either form the code works - but which is the correct thing to do - or does it matter at all?

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