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startup loading problem


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Please discount the comments below - except as a memory jogger to other users! I found that the problem was that I was setting Sys.WpKey = $AAAAAAAA too late in my code!






I have a pp_Startup.txt file which contains the following lines:



enable plc 1; //initialise settings and start test control logic

//system "/var/ftp/usrflash/Project/C Language/Background Programs/capp1.out"


In my PLC 1, I have the line:


Gate3[0].Chan[0].EncCtrl = 3;


After power up or a $$$ I find repeatably that Gate3[0].Chan[0].EncCtrl = 7. It's not being set this way in my code (I've searched the whole project). I am pretty sure that PLC 1 does run during the startup as other value that it sets are correct.


If I manually enable PLC 1 again, the value is set correctly to 3 as expected. It seems to me that something else is being run at startup after PLC 1 runs and this is resetting my value. Is this possible? Any suggesteions as to what to look for?



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