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Resetting incremental encoder counts back to zero


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I have a setup that uses absolute encoders for crude positioning and then incremental encoders for tracking. Maybe this is obvious, but I'm new to PMACs, how would be a command that I would issue to reset the incremental count when I'm switching between encoders?


My motors are 0 and 2 and the encoder table entries are

EncTable[1].a for incremental for motor 0.

EncTable[3].a for incremental for motor 2.




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The motor[].pAbsPos specifies where the motor is reading its absolute position upon issuing a HOMEZ (or HMZ) command.

You can set motor[].pAbsPos temporarily to zero and issue a HMZ command. This will zero the motor position counter.


Hmm...Maybe I'm doing something wrong. Here is what I wrote in the terminal





However, the counter still reads 166708408.33 ... Am I not doing something properly?

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