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How to upload configuration file


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I'm attempting to upload a new configuration file via Setup Variables. However after uploading it I've done a reboot and I've realized that the configuration changed back. How do I permanently apply my changes? I've issued a Sys.WpKey=$AAAAAAAA command before doing so, but it didn't help.




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Thanks Steve.


Its odd, I've tried doing that, but when I do a reboot the configuration goes back to what it was before.


Here is what I'm doing. I launch the IDE, and open the configuration file via DeltaTau-->Configure-->Setup Variables. It prompts me if I want to load the file to the PMAC. I choose load and it uploads. Then check the variables manually via the terminal window to check to see if they've changed. They do. Then I do a save and a reboot. When the system comes back up I check the variables again and they have changed back.


Is there something that you see that I'm doing wrong?


To make any changes to your PMAC configuration permanent issue the "SAVE" command in the terminal.

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The version I'm using is The firmware on the PMAC is


The variables I'm changing are









thank you very much for your time!







What version of the IDE are you using? In our previous patch, the SAVE command was failing, though this was just recently fixed with our most recent patch. Also, can you give us an example of one of the variables that is being reset?

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