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Stepper - High pole Brushless or MicroStepped


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I have a Turbo PMAC LV driving a (Motor 1) Stepper Motor with high resolution linear encoder, and some inherited code. I am struggling to determine if the Author is trying to drive the stepper closed loop as a high pole count brushless motor? or as a direct micro stepped stepper. Reading around it looks like the Author might be trying to do a bit of both?


In particular the following ref http://forums.deltatau.com/attachment.php?aid=179 seems to disagree with the motor protection bits in PLC 6.


The axis (Motor 1) is a Sanyo 1.8 degree 2 phase stepper, driving a ball screw stage, the encoder is a linear tape type with quadrature outputs.


It could well be that since the Geo Brick LV Setup Assistant now supports steppers as 'high count pole-pair brushless motors" then whatever way was being done could be improved?


Although looking at the spreadsheet I am confused about if I should select stepper or brushless for Cell B13?






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