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Pewin32Pro2 fails to upload PLCs


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In order to verify if a certain modification to a PLC has been actually done I normally upload the PLC from the machine.


Hovever, especially if the connection is slow (but it happened also locally), at times the Pewin32Pro2 opens this in the Editor Window












The actual PLC size is more than 800, so I don't understand why this happens.

I also tried with a fresh workspace (sometimes it is impossible to make backups with a certain workspace) with no luck.


What can be the cause of such a behaviour?

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Does USB communication work OK?


If this is true it may be due to your maximum packet settings in the windows registry.


Check the registry at the following location:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Tcpip\Parameters\Interfaces\{long number in curly braces}


{long number in curly braces} - is a different number for each Ethernet adapter.


Some VPN software products will change all the Ethernet adapters.


There is a key called MTU (maximum transfer unit).


VPN software goes in and reduces the MTU to some smaller value that is good for 56K modems. This prevents large packets from being transferred across the Ethernet port. Delete the MTU key and Windows will use its normal default. You will have to reboot Windows to have the setting take effect. In addition you will have to restart the PMAC if you have communicated with the PMAC without having the MTU reset. Note that this may affect the VPN software - it may not be possible to use VPN and our Executive over Ethernet simultaneously. In this case USB communication to the PMAC will be OK.

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