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control servo using analog voltage -12VDC +12VDC


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someone please help me how to set up and command a servo motor to move positioning using analog signal +12 -12 VDC. I have follow the manual to setup the wiring and the I-variable but i am stuck on the programming. What command should i use? I am much appreciate if any of you could provide me sample program.


Thank you

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Have you attended training on this product? There are too many steps involved in setup to list on the forum.


Call technical support if you can (phone: 818-717-5656) and we can help more directly.



Unfortunately, I don't attend the training. Is there any chance that you may help me?

Do you have any documentation that i may refer to?

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Of course we can help you. It would be easiest if you called, but we can do it here too if, for example, you are in another country and calling would be expensive.


The manual for your PMAC2A-PC/104 is here:




The software setup starts on page 15. There are only a few variables you need to configure in order to use the Filtered PWM DAC outputs. Below is an example set of settings when using motor 1:


I900 = 1001 ; PWM frequency 29.4kHz, PWM 1-4

I901 = 5 ; Phase Clock 9.8059kHz

I902 = 3 ; Servo frequency 2.451kHz

I903 = 1746 ; ADC frequency

I906 = 1001 ; PWM frequency 29.4kHz, PWM 5-8

I907 = 1746 ; ADC frequency

I916 = 0 ; Output mode: PWM for channel 1

I169 = 1001 ; DAC limit 10Vdc for motor 1

I10 = 3421867 ; Servo interrupt time

I100 = 1 ; Enable motor 1


Make sure you have these and then let us know if you have any other specific problems. Show screenshots of your motor status window and tuning windows (from Step Move and Parabolic Move) if you can.


Note that you can use the newer PeWin32Pro2 for setup also. It's available here:




It might be easier to use than the older softwares.

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